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" "Needles all always just for the doctor, but the doctor only Fuchu night only hurt him, powders and needles, as well as on the arm, as long as the seven princes find a doctor, natural truth!" Feng Yu did not speak a moment, Zhangcheng Ying is shocked speechless. Since there is no over before struggling again in the second wife into the water they evil, Nagqu pool is around the palace must pass through, if someone mysteriously killed a man on the shore of the obvious is impossible to do so, it can be inferred that the second wife was killed elsewhere and then be taken to promote the river waters, while those injury is caused by the water's edge, there is no wrong, then it is to use shore stone. Baltimore Ravens jerseys from china He did not want to let go of this head of the woman, trying to find a way to recover before then and a certificate of divorce, the other end has begun actually arranged for her place, and made him no room to maneuver here, how can one make him angry? "I need to worry?" Zhangcheng Ying Xiang Wan is looked at, but also look askance to the side of Feng Che, was rolled his eyes. "fingertip stop in the evening among the internal organs on continued, "the spleen is an organ of human blood storage, shrinkage will occur in vivo hypoxic release blood circulation to participate, it will collapse into a state, which is a manifestation of suffocation.

decapitated, Niangqin . Finally, she smiled and said, "Da personal Jingzhao prefect, certainly encountered many cases, in fact, many homicide real clue is in the bodies of the body, as long as a good inspection body, many difficult problems can be solved. As we all know, once people were injured, the body that there will be varying degrees of bruising damage, but if the minor injuries, but not trained vigorously pressed As bruising, skin surface, although this time there is no trace, but the body is actually responsive, subcutaneous bleeding, and dead skin around the nose and mouth bleeding has described the murderer is cover your nose and mouth of the deceased, sealed her breath before so she suffocated.

Ad litem is heading into the ancient courtroom, led by a man of about forty or so, wearing a mandarin official wearing a blue, embroidered eagle totem, mustache Mouguang sharp positive coldly staring at her. cheap Baltimore Ravens jerseys online Farm gate wife: Swept in power In this case, start to finish three little words Wang Che suddenly step forward, he went before the evening among the body, said, "If the autopsy, you really have to grasp the isolated cause of death?" Xiang Wan looked up to see the man in front of purple, these people he is one of the most calm, even in his own shock to hear the words, but also light squint eyes, his composure beyond their own expectations, so the joy, anger often without form or color of people, in fact, the most dangerous. Baltimore Ravens jerseys free shipping you are not going decapitated ? Italian children . Finally checked evening among put down the knife, and looked to the three behind him, to see three different face at the moment, she raised his lips, side-opening step, exposing the inside of the body, slowly, "the deceased died the day before yesterday Haishi moment to between a quarter to three, cause of death was suffocation, but not drowning, she is to be his nose and mouth, suffocated alive.



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