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"What way?" Feng Yu in the end is spoke. "fingertip stop in the evening among the internal organs on continued, "the spleen is an organ of human blood storage, shrinkage will occur in vivo hypoxic release blood circulation to participate, it will collapse into a state, which is a manifestation of suffocation." Feng Yu suddenly a pair of eye reddening, suddenly beat photographed on the table, looking ashen. wholesale Baltimore Ravens jerseys free shipping Hear the sound, meaning children almost immediately looked up and saw her intact back, his face suddenly smile expanded, high Huanliaoyisheng "mother", a direct throw away the hands of the stick, Sa Tuipao over, We will hold a full night. But she knows now is not the time to fall, heard this, she brought back a hint of sneer lips looked phoenix feather, "I and the second wife no injustice Wu Chou why kill her? Murder was motivated, since the second wife's death I have not the slightest advantage, why should I kill her? Besides the so-called witnesses and evidence is but a blink of the girl words plus a stolen pearl hairpin alone to conclude that these people are killing me, adults are not too some arbitrary? " Feng Yu look a condensate, squinting at her for three years, he no look out how to marry this concubine was eloquent of it? "Hui children earlier blame you, so you so vindictive revenge, is not it?" Xiang Wan heard, more ironic smile, "I'm not one or two days into the palace, had most clearly what day princes, even maidservants Old Woman who will foot stepped on, only the second wife princes think few would blame kill her, kill me now countless people should be it! " "You .

Evening among the hearts weigh a bit, she intended to leave these people the farther the better, but early antiquity, where a lot of money, more money and not a bad thing, thought, she gritted his teeth and two fingers to , "two thousand two things give you the money!" The last time gold ingots on for a thousand or two, if then can have two thousand two hundred, that her way out after the slightest but do not worry! "This . wholesale Baltimore Ravens jerseys She looks side, TIPS did not take it, but at this time are seeing a pair of eye firmly fixed on their own. But see only the surface of the eyelids, want to know in the end is suicide or homicide, we have a deeper examination. wholesale Baltimore Ravens jerseys from china is determined lady was killed, but the old man look at this carefully wound around, even after soaking less obvious, but upon closer inspection you can see that this is not still alive wounds, but after the death of someone deliberately forged out. wholesale Baltimore Ravens jerseys

Rest assured, if there are slaves in the day, meaning children must ensure worry-free." Xiang Wan hesitated to go? I saw Feng Che was directly downstairs, looked behind Zhangcheng Ying Xiang Wan look, see who looks like a few words, paused, and just up. Suddenly the hands of more than one arm timely help her, while the man who took a touch of the unique atmosphere of chilly nostrils, the spirit of the evening among the startled, but I saw deep plum floating back, that person has crossed to his side, just as if he was not the person to help her.



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